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Hooray! Finally after I do not know how many years I was able to attend my very first MeetUp!! 🙂

Thanks to my good friend Andrew who invited me to the latest MeetUp in London, the theme of which, as he mentioned, was to be TRAVEL!! So how could I not go?  And it was great. Somewhat different to what I was expecting. I had the idea that it would be quite formal and that there would be quite a structure to the evening, but as it turned out it was very informal and very noisy and very busy with a real buzz of excitement! and I loved it. Now I would like to go every week! 🙂

So we met up at Leicester Square station and had a pizza slice on the way and arrived pretty much just after 7pm as instructed and already the room was buzzing. I got to speak to a lass by the name of Sarah who as it turns out was from a London PR company and she had already visited my 3 Days in London website!!! and not only that but thought it was great!! Awesome. That alone has spurred me on to work even harder at what I am already doing.

Then when the meeting finally got started (by which stage I was beginning to panic a little as I had to leave at 9pm!) we got to hear from Paul of TravMonkey, Emma of TripAdvisor (only the most visited travel site on the internet) and Fulvia of Hotwire, who were hosting the evening.

I got to learn some tips about SEO and how important the first 100 words of the blog post are, as well as which to use the same words of the heading in the first 100 words! I implemented that immediately yesterday when I did a blog on our ‘Boris Bikes’!  I also learned that contrary to what some of the Internet marketing *Guru’s* teach you, you should keep your heading simplistic and relevant to what the blog is about e.g. Barclays Bicycles – use that in the heading instead of some ‘fancy obscure *hopefully* drive traffic to the blog with a fancy worded heading’! Duh!

Now you may wonder why I am somewhat sarcastic about that….well this guy has one of the top travel websites and I have been following the ‘guru’s’ advice so the bounce rate on my website is quite high!  Seems I am more likely to trust his advice than theirs! Especially from now on!

But on the whole all is good. He also recommended that as a travel blogger we should endeavour to make our site a resource for travellers rather than just a great blog, which is terrific coz that is exactly what the New Media Angel genius and I were talking about last week and how we are (read: she is) 🙂 going to restructure the website now.

I also got to meet and chat to Jorgen of Link Humans.com who are promoting the Plan-UK campaign #Blog4Girls.   I would urge you to click thru on this link and find out more.  It is a tremendoulsy important issue they are tackling and certainly one that needs to be addressed if progress is to be made.  I am partial to these smaller charities rather than the big super size organisations, mostly coz they get to really make a difference and the money goes where it’s needed rather than through the Government coffers and into a Swiss Bank account somewhere or other!

In all a great evening.  I look forward to the day when I can be free to attend these evenings more frequently.

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