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the weather, a daily occurance!

When I first arrived in the UK I learned pretty quick that most Brits have a thing about the weather.  No matter what you are doing or where you are going, someone will always ask “what’s the weather like?” or “look at the weather” or “what miserable weather” or “it’s really miserable out” or “do you know the weather is for tomorrow?” or whatever……adinfinitum.

One day I decided to find out what the story is and why is weather such a hot topic of conversation.  The answer to my question was “we talk about the weather because that is a fairly safe subject. It upsets no-one and doesn’t offend.  We don’t talk about politics or religion so that leaves the weather.”  This seems to me to be quite a shame!

There is nothing more enjoyable than a good debate on the merits of Politics or Religion, especially if the other person/s are passionate about their points of view.  It is exceptionally enjoyable to sit on the fence and argue the points put forward.

So why don’t we discuss Politics and Religion more often. Or is weather just too safe.

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