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So a couple of weeks ago my daughter asked me to prepare 4 x 750 word articles & 2 photos, and 8 x 250 word articles and 1 photo, of my favourite blogs off my 3DaysInLondon.info website!!!

Easier said than done coz most of them are somewhat verbose!! and I do tend to ramble.   But after a kick in the pants as a reminder…….I finally got them down on ‘paper’, edited as best I could and duly sent said articles and photos, not having a clue what she was up to. On receipt of said articles by the “NMA’ I got a message via text to ask if I can count?….  What!!!?? anyhow it seems I had not edited enough and they were longer than required and asked for! urgh.

Since I could not edit them any further myself I told her to go ahead and chop out what she thought fit. So that was that.  Then I asked what it was for, but she kept *MUM*….and told me I had to be patient…  hahaha!!
Yesterday I got a very excited message that read “HEEHEEHEHEE OOOOOOOOOOO HEEHEE” and then a 2nd message that read “HOLY ? I DONT THINK I HAVE BEEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING FOR YEARS!” and yes, it was all in CAPS!!!

So I phoned to find out what was what and coz she was that excited, going away this weekend (lucky fish is in Norfolk) and could not wait for next week Wednesday (when were scheduled to meet), I said “come on over and sleep at my place tonight!” which she duly did.
Well blow me down with a feather dears!!! This little treasure  of mine presented me with a book. Not just any old book, but a fully fledged, dust cover,

3 days in london all about london

my first real book 🙂 .....published

hardback book and not only did the cover feature one of my photos, but inside it had my blogs and my photos!!!

self published all about london

my blogs and photos

how awesome is that!  She has created a book: ‘All About London’ from my blogs!   my blogs and my photos!!! how awesome is that!

This is the official start of being a published author. I know I had the ebook online some time ago…which will eventually go back up, but, this is for the 3 Days In London business that is coming along so well and at just the right pace for me. I am over the moon with sheer delight and would like to say a HUGE and MASSIVE “thank you honey” for this wonderful gift!

all about london 3 days in london

the credits and front photo

Further plans are afoot……so watch this space 🙂

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe

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