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Me! ūüôā

As a child of the dark ages, the current ‘fad’; Social Media,¬†as some folks call it, is a whole new ball-game to me, and boy am I having fun!¬†¬†¬†Bearing in mind it took me¬†till 2002¬†before I caved in and got¬†a mobile phone and about 6 months to figure out how to send an email… (tut tut, no need to be rude ūüôā )

Over the years I have slowly tested the waters and joined facebook, watched youtube videos (even started my own channel!!), uploaded photos to kodak, turned into an email then blogging ¬†junkie, ventured onto flickr¬†and finally after a kick in the butt (metaphorically) from my brother-in-law I learned to use google effectively.¬†¬† Now I am also a¬†google¬†addict ūüôā

In 2008….mmm¬†November I think it was, I volunteered to help a friend get her business off the ground.¬† One of the suggestions from her accountant was that she get onto twitter.¬† Since she was more of¬†a novice than me about the mysteries of the internet,¬†I volunteered to do it for her.¬† She introduced me to a person who was the¬†current ‘expert’ on twitter who would give me a few lessons!

After a few lessons on the ‘how to’…I got into the ‘what to’…..and as they say in the classics…I have never looked back.¬† Sadly the relationship did not last (long story not to be repeated), but I was hooked and without further ado¬†I set up my own twitter account and got tweeting….. @notjustagranny

I was born to ‘tweet’ ūüôā

Twitter has been one of the most amazing learning curves in my life (and I have had plenty and have plenty of curves)…. it is also the best way to meet, greet and chat to people from around the world.¬† I have met, had ‘tweet-ups’¬†and communicate with lovely¬†people from Australia, America, in the UK, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, India and Europe and Cape Town….even Russia!¬† I have had the pleasure of reading fabulous blogs by very talented people, especially travel blogs…..my favourites!¬† There are some truly fabulous places in this world of ours.

I know that facebook is meant to be ‘the’ place to be….I prefer twitter.¬† ¬†The timeline moves fast, you can engage in conversations that have an immediate response, your mailbox doesn’t get cluttered, there are hundreds of interesting links to follow (my downfall), and you can connect with new folks on recommendation of those you are already following…. I have gotten to know some terrific¬†people this way.¬† ¬†You also get immediate news and sometimes not so immediate news and there is a never ending supply of interesting articles and snippets of information to read.

Falling into the category ‘social media’, twitter has evolved from sending an update to friends to a full-on business tool.¬† An opportunity to share and learn information.¬† What has been interesting too are the debates about whether it is a good thing or not, to be taken seriously or just a fad.¬† As the ‘twitter angel’ for @newmediaangels it is my job to read links (to make sure they don’t lead to porn sites !!!)¬†before I retweet them …..have I learned a lot.

I have read articles from the likes of @jeffbullas and @mashable and @chrisbrogan and @problogger.¬† I have also read the debates from the CEO’s of large corporations who do not yet get it – Social Media.¬† And they are not alone.¬† There are a huge number of small businesses that want to get ‘onto’ twitter and expect to suddenly have 1million followers!!¬†¬† The buzz and hype has given folks the wrong perception and their expectations are way out of line. Many people think that you open a twitter account, post a few tweets and voila suddenly you have hundreds and thousands of followers!!!¬† A misconception if ever there was one. Like going to a party and expecting to suddenly have hundreds of friends!

As for me….I can’t live without twitter.¬† I get antsy in the mornings till I log on and get my ‘fix’. I find it incredibly diffficult to watch a link go by and not open it.¬† I could quite literally spend the whole day just chatting to folks and reading links.¬† I have ‘favourited’ hundreds of webpages (madness I know) with the faint hope that I will actually go back to them someday….hahaha.

I love nothing more than to open ‘hootsuite’ and see mentions from people who have thought of me and sent a message.¬† It’s fun, it’s funky and it’s the best invention yet…besides the internet!¬† It¬†is very educational….how else would I have known about #earthday or any of the other causes that whizz through my timeline.¬†

Long live twitter…… certainly my blue bird of happiness; long may it live to feed my addiction!

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