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I am still here :)

It’s a funny thing about time…. it just slips away.  Here we are, well into September and heading back into winter.   Seems like just yesterday I was getting excited about spring and summer.  Posting photos of our glorious spring flowers, photos of which there are many.  And now, the days are shorter, are getting dark at 8pm and turning chilly. And as they do I am reminded of how much has happened since last year this time…..

Travels to places around the country, snow in Brighton, and then New Year’s day when I made a resolution to get a job in London….and here I am…London since February.  I also reached an age this year that leaves me with no doubt that I am now definitely ‘over the hill’ 🙂 Has that stopped me….no way!!! It’s all go go go!!!

I have seen so much of London the past few months, especially since starting my blog on 3 Days In London and that has opened my eyes to the wonders of this city.  If you want to learn about something….blog about it.    I have also along the way learned more about Social Media than I ever thought possible.

This year has also seen the 30th anniversary of being a Mom…..ergo my daughter reached the fine age of 30!! And what a lovely day we had…rowing along the Thames in Twickenham, lunch at the White Swan and cupcakes from Sweetie Pies….at which place I have spent many a happy hour munching my way through the most delicious cupcakes ever. 🙂

I have enjoyed happy hours with friends, met some new friends and made contact with some not seen for years….sadly I have also lost a few along the way; just because as they say in the world of Personal Development….some are here for longer than others.

So where am I going with this? Nowhere actually….just musing about the passage of time and how much quicker it seems to go the older I get. My mother always said the same thing…… Perhaps it’s just that we have a different perspective of time and realise it is not endless as we assume when we are children, but is finite for us albeit infinite for eternity.

and thats it really….. I am sure I will think of something more to add once I have posted this……

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