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My wonderful, delightful daughter recently; albeit not without some angst and kicking and screaming, ūüôā¬†reached a milestone birthday…..30!¬†

Happy 30th birthday darling

Although it was officially her birthday, it was also a celebration for me….a celebration of 30 years of being a Mom, and what an amazing 30 years it has been.¬† We have loved, laughed, cried and shared some amazing times and some¬†difficult times.¬† For me it has always been a priviledge that she is my daughter.¬† From the days back when I was told I would never have children to the day I discovered I was finally expecting this treasure…I never gave up on the dream of one day being a Mom to a daughter.

She has fulfilled every dream I ever had, is an amazing woman and even though she reached this milestone birthday with trepidition, I have no doubt that she will achieve all she sets out to do in the future.¬† In the lead up to the day I looked back on my life and remembered what it was like to be 30!¬† I felt so grown up and suddenly felt that people would take me seriously.¬† I had the perception that life would be easier now that I was officially an adult….that I would be in control and know what to do.¬† And mostly I did.¬† My thirties were some of the most amazing years of my life and some of the most devastating, and yet when I look back all I recall are the best times, the times my daughter and I shared on our journey.

So thank you sweetheart for some of the most amazing years of my life, for the love you give so freely, for being such a wonderful, warm, funny, generous and kindhearted woman. 

Happy birthday darling....

Always keep that sparkle in your eyes, your wonderful sense of humour and that delightful laugh.  From the second I first saw you, I have loved you dearly, a treasure beyond compare and you have enriched my life immeasurably.  These last 30 years and the 6 months preceeding your birth (once I knew you were on your way), have been the best of my life.

I wish you everything of the very best for your future.

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