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Something arbitrary:

If there is one date that nearly everyone in England knows, it is 1066 when the Normas invaded England.   William the Conqueror became King when he invaded the country after Edward the Confessor died.

Edward was King of England but he wasn’t like most rulers of the time; he was a peace-loving man of God who put all of his energies into building churches.   His most famous church was Westminster Abbey.

It was built on marshy land by the River Thames in London, and it was Edward’s chief delight to watch the building grow.   When he died he was buried in his new church – as lots of kings and queens and famous people have been in the centuries which followed.

Lots of rulers have nick-names: Edward 1 was the Hammer of the Scots; Richard 1 was the Lion-Heart; all very warlike.   But Edward was called the Confessor because of the way he lived his life witnessing to his belief in Christ.

So each year on 13th October we remember the King who was a saint.

Nicknames or not?

All of these are nicknames of real rulers from the past:

Charles the Bald; Eric Bloodaxe; Ivailo the Cabbage; Boleslaw the Curly; Pippin the Short; Niall of the Nine Hostages; Ragnar Hairy Britches; Louis the Stammerer and there was a Viking king of Dublin called Glun the Iron Knee – but I don’t think he was into recycling!

sourced from Coleman’s Hatch cronicle for October.

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Have you seen the madness?
With Christmas just around the corner, the time to act is now!


If you still doubt the importance of this festive period, then read the predictions below from a report by Kelkoo:



Christmas sales are forecast to hit £44.7 billion, compared to £43.9 billion in 2008, a year-on-year increase of £832 million. And what are the reasons for this increase? Well, Consumer confidence has improved from unprecedented depths. Retailers are now cautiously optimistic following the ‘Black Christmas‘ of 2008 when sales fell £27 million. Christmas retail sales are now expected to represent 18.5% of total retail sales for 2009.



Online spending at Christmas is also set to receive a boost this year compared to conventional stores, rising from £7.2 billion in 2008 to £8.9 billion in 2009. Online spending as a whole continues to fare well, despite the recession. Online sales have increased dramatically in the past decade from £31 million in 2000 to an estimated £8.9 billion this Christmas.
Everyone LOVES the madness of high-street shopping, or do they?   The crush, the pushing & the shoving!   We all love having to lug bags and bags of shopping around and if the predictions are anything to go by, then thats what you will be doing!   However, in the comfort of your own home, this is how to avoid the crush in Oxford Street during the build-up to Christmas.
Have a very Merry Christmas time!


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