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Ok so it’s not me doing the warbling…that honour goes to the birds; literally 🙂

best black & white village

At time of writing, here I am in a little village called Weobley (pronounced Webbley) in the middle of the country in the county of Herefordshire. And I am working as a Carer….never say never eh!!!   So you may ask: ‘what are you doing working as a carer again?’….and well you might ask! What am I doing working as a Carer again?   Last year in August when I quit the job it was with the intention of not working as a carer again!!  I wanted to work in an office and bring my skills up to date.   I managed to find a job fairly easily (hmmm…perhaps too easily) but because I knew of the company through someone else I felt fairly confident that it would be a great position. And so it turned out to be except for one very important aspect…..the boss!!! He was of the mind that it was not only acceptable but traditional to shout at the employee (me)….. really?

Well as you can imagine I did not take very kindly to that and within 3 months I resigned. Anyhow he (the boss) and I had a meeting and he asked why I had resigned so I told him…I don’t like the way you speak to me. Simples!!! So things settled for a bit and they asked me to stay on till after Xmas (this being November) and in a moment of insanity I agreed. Yeah, yeah, yeah take my temperature why don’t you!! The shouting settled for a bit until one day after a particularly stressful day I told him that he was a bit bullish (subtle terminology for ‘you are a bully’) and we ended up having a spat….. anyhow he took it on the chin, and away we went. The the shouting escalated again and when I challenged him on it (and challenge him I did), he was of the mind that he was stressed and blah blah blah and that if I could not handle it then I should resign….so I did. Resignation #2! Again after a couple of weeks of looking for a suitable person and not finding anyone they asked me to stay on and again I did (ok this time a phychologist would be in order). However it did not last long and I finally resigned for the 3rd and final time when I found myself listening to him berate me for a totally arbitrary issue, and I found myself picturing what it would be like to smash his head in with the mug I was holding in my hand. They found someone else to take the crap and I left on 3rd April…just short of 7 months at the job.

Hmmm, now what to do? I am of the mind that if what he says is true, and shouting and being bullied is the norm in the office environment in the UK….then I want nothing of it. Back to the caring then!

weobley, herefordshireAnd here I am…as I write I am in a little village called Weobley that has a fantastic history dating back to mediaeval times with some fabulous houses built in 1422 and 1561 and so on. Right up my alley so to speak. This position has reminded me of all the things I loved about being a carer and all the things I disliked about being a carer. Fortunately the lady is a delight and despite my misgivings about the dog (he is actually very sweet and has taken a shine to me – follows me around the house). I am enjoying this particlar job. Fortunately it is only a 5 day position and not 2weeks which seriously kills me, especially if the client is full of doodah!!

I love the adventure of going to new places in the UK and I get to see amazing little villages I would not otherwise, and get paid for being there. I love the discoveries I make and if the job is pleasant I love what I do. The thing I dislike about the caring is being stuck indoors for 22 hours a day unless the client likes going out. I chaff at the bit of being unable to go out for walks, of being unable to go to bed when I am tired and the assumption by the client that it is ok to ‘demand’ without a ‘please’ in front. It’s not the easiest of jobs, but the one thing I do appreciate is that they are mostly short-term and if you land up with a client that is rude you can request to be withdrawn. Benefit!! What I dislike… is being away from home, of not sleeping in my own bed and having my things around me. The benefit this time though is that I have a home to go back to. 🙂 and I have my delightful daughter there too.

So Weobley, established in the 7th century, has a fascinating history as well as the archaeological remains of what was a castle, probably built by one ‘de lacy….he of many castles in Ireland as well. I have had a fab time meandering the streets of the village and photographing the numerous houses that still exist from the dark ages ( 😉 ) and walking the dog. Unlike at home where there is a constant stream and cacophony of traffic, I hardly ever heard a car, slept like a log and in the mornings when I woke, it was to the sound of sheep baaing and birds warbling.waking to the sound of sheep baaing

I am of course now back home. There was no internet reception in the area which I found unsurprising and totally annoying. However, it has given me a chance to catch up on stuff and now that I am home again, I can get back online and do what I need to do. Of course the plan is to build my business to the point where I not longer have to go away as a carer, but can go away on holiday….to explore and discover new villages and places at my own pace.

I took hundreds of photos as you can imagine (you know I do!) and have made a video for your enjoyment. Weobley

Here is a wee bit of history of the village:

Weobley is a picture postcard village surrounded by glorious countryside, in the county of Herefordshire, renowned for its stunning black and white timber framed houses, and buildings some of which date back to the 1400’s. The village has an interesting history with Saxon origins, an ancient 12th Century church with an impressive 14th Century Tower, and spire that graces the skyline. At the southern end of the village stands a link with Medieval times at Weobley Castle.
Weobley is one of the best-preserved Tudor villages in the country, with many beautiful timber framed buildings.

When Wibba created a clearing in the woods (a ley) here in the 6th Century, little did he think that his name would still be attached to the village 1500 years later. His father, Cridda, was King of Mercia and held a hill fort not far away at Credenhill (Cridda’s hill).

In Weobley many aspects of 1500 years of British history are represented. From its Saxon origins, through the Norman Conquest to the medieval period, the Civil War, and the agricultural revolution.  Here you will discover the remains of an 11th Century castle, a 12th Century Church and many houses from the14th Century onwards.

In 2008 Weobley appeared in the top fifty of the Times Newspaper’s best places to live in England.

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