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I have become so disillusioned with the world of politics after watching the sheer unadulterated ugliness that’s being perpetrated by the American Presidential election. I mean yeah, okay so they throw a bit of mud around to discredit the other candidate, but ohmygosh the levels these people and their followers have sunk to is disgraceful. I thought the UK political scene was ugly….but this stuff coming out of the USA is beyond belief.

It’s a really sad indictment on a country that is meant to be a world-leader when the people who are campaigning to become the next leader behave in such an appalling manner.

I can well understand the ‘not so well educated’ sector of the American public being swayed by vile rhetoric and unadulterated nastiness, but the fact that there are so many more of the ‘upper’ echelons, so to speak, who are doing the same thing, is unbelievable.

Frankly, I think they should just scrap the whole thing, leave Obama as POTUS for another 4 years and try to find better candidates. Yes, I know there are the protagonists who say he, Obama, has failed, and perhaps there are issues in which he didn’t succeed, but there is no doubting that from a moral aspect the man is unimpeachable.  His sense of humour, his fairness and most importantly his overwhelming decency is beyond anyone we have ever learned about or more recently seen in American politics.

Besides which, from what I understand of American politics, even if he wanted to push a Bill through the House, if the Republicans oppose it, then it doesn’t see the light of day. Of course every President makes mistakes, often they are misled, or misinformed by their ‘Advisers’ and make decisions based on what they would expect to be good sound intelligence, but from the stuff I have heard and read about both Clinton and Trump, neither of them are a clean slate with much by the way of morals. And if we have to believe what the media say (trash) about Obama, when you hear what the media have said about the current candidates, then as my Mother would have said “where there is smoke, there’s a fire”.

I understand that what the experts are saying; that Trump is appealing to the anger, the frustration and distrust of Politicians in order to galvanise his followers. More recently I read that he is in fact appealing to the reptilian part of their brains…that figures!!! We are all fed-up with the elite Politicians, but that doesn’t mean we have to elect someone who is so clearly dishonest…..he himself has admitted to Federal Tax Fraud by saying in public that it’s smart to not pay your taxes…..except that the poor suckers who support him, then have to pay more in taxes so the Federal Government can balance their books and so finance his fraud.

And then there are Clinton’s emails. Rightly or wrongly, she had them on her personal server. Of course the burning question is why? Of course, as Secretary of State she should have known better and cannot hide that under a bushel, but the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that she deleted them. If they were as she said, personal and she has nothing to hide, then there really shouldn’t have been an issue.

I was really excited that Hillary Clinton was running again this year, as a woman of course I would be, because we need more women leaders in the world….but I’m sorry, with all the stuff that is coming out about her personally I think she should fade into the night.

As for Trump, please God that he doesn’t win this election. We simply cannot have people of his disposition, dishonesty or temperament in control of the Nuclear button.

Never mind “God Save America” although God knows it needs saving, but “God Help America” they’re going to hell in a bucket….and that bucket is full of holes.


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