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OK, so you’ve opened the curtains and the sight does not appeal….it’s raining!!! Again?  No, not really. We have actually been blessed with some of the most amazing days of late, sunny and warm and just gorgeous.

a sunny day in London

However, today it is raining and so what to do?

a rainy day in London

Besides visiting the British Museum you could jusy stay in bed!

Buy the Sunday Papers and a few croissants from the corner deli – be sure to send someone else 🙂

sunday papers - tnx to http://www.brittanymolsen.com

Then snuggle down under the duvet, with a large pot of tea,

pot of tea - tnx to http://www.realbeauty.com

the papers and hot buttered croissant with strawberry jam! 

croissant - tnx to http://www.tentazioni.co.uk

Do this till you get sick of tea, read all the interesting articles and need the loo.

Then you could order in a large pizza and select your favourite movie on TV and again snuggle down for the rest of the day, or again till you need to pee 🙂 

Then pour yourself a glass of sherry (make sure the arm is past the correct hour :)), 

glass of sherry - tnx to http://www.johnjenkinsdirect.co.uk

grab some snacks and back to bed with a good book, do this till it’s legitimately time for bed and then you can just snuggle back down under the duvet and quite happily sleep till morning.

sleep till morning - tnx to http://www.rd.com

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