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Charlie is my new toothbrush!

this is Charlie

Not just any old toothbrush mind, but an electric toothbrush; the “all new Oral-B Professional Care 1000 (?), powered by braun toothbrush that cups each tooth for a 3D clean kind of toothbrush!!” No1 recommended by UK dentists! Apparently.

Oral-B Professional Care 1000 (?) No1 recommended by UK Dentists 🙂

I recall way back (why do things always seem like such a long time ago)….when electric toothbrushes first arrived in South Africa….I was like what!! an electric toothbrush, no way……what’s wrong with a good old regular non-electric toothbrush – mmm, I had not yet tried an electric brush!

When I came to the UK in 2001, in my bag was the regular toothbrush, a companion of old (ok, not that old), was easy to pack and didn’t need recharging!  Then one day I saw an advert on the TV for the electric kind and the reason for having one seemed convincing, so I thought: ‘Ah well may just give it a try.   ‘ OMG what a price! and OMGosh, what an experience! It felt like my mouth had come alive; I have been hooked ever since.  This is the 3rd such electric toothbrush since I have been here and that is why I have named it Charlie. It’s also blue so can’t have a girls name! 🙂

Beatrice; my old toothbrush has finally been charged too often and has reached the end of her days, so tonight after I have cleansed my teeth and before I go to bed, I will say farewell to Beatrice

bye bye Beatrice

and send her off to that great toothbrush heaven in the sky (aka the trash – not too much sentiment please, it is after all just a toothbrush!).

Charlie will start his journey with me tomorrow morning, fully-charged and raring to go! or is that b/rushing to go!

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