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hahahaha!!! 🙂 I am so thrilled with myself today I even wrote about it in my diary!!!

I am a child of the 50’s (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone) and technology as a word hadn’t even been invented (well, ok maybe it had), but for me technology meant being able to watch TV! True!!!   We only got our first TV set in the 70’s and became ‘DALLAS’ addicts with it too!

Growing up we never had things like mobile phones….what??? can’t imagine that now! My mother used to find my sister by ‘foot-telegraph’ = sending me to run around the neighbourhood looking for her! No such thing as sending a text “get your sorry ass back home girl!”

what our home phone looked like!

We never had computers! Believe it or not….. Computers in those days weighed 50 tons…the EINAC…(ref google) and in fact, the first computer with RAM;  “MIT introduces the Whirlwind machine March 8, 1955, a revolutionary computer that was the first digital computer with magnetic core RAM and real-time graphics” was introduced just over a month before I was born!

My first camera was a ‘Kodak Brownie 127’

what my very first camera looked like... I got one from my Dad in 1963 as a birthday present (I still have it)

We didn’t have digital cameras, video cameras, and a host of other technological gadgets that today we take for granted.  In fact for years I used to be labelled ‘technologically dis-advantaged’……. I still receive councelling for that! 🙂

I eventually caved in and bought a TV in 1997, and only so that I could watch Princess Diana’s funeral, from all the way down south in Cape Town. I had the odd camera and a stereo set but if anything went wrong…it went into the trash if no-one could come fix it for me (yeah, I know….not very ecologically friendly in those days).

My real technological learning curve began in 2002 when I was forced to buy my first mobile phone.  Up till then I had vociforously resisted getting one and the only reason I did then was coz my daughter was living and working in America and I wanted her to be able to contact me anytime.  It took me about 3 months to figure out how it worked and since then I have gone on in leaps and bounds and now I have a Nokia E5!!! (ok, so if I tell you that I haven’t yet figured out how it works….please don’t tell my daughter!) 🙂 (I stilll have that first phone)

I got my first laptop in 2004 and spent the first few months keeping Vodaphone in business by my frequent phonecalls to Ireland asking for help from my brother-in-law and sister!  (I still have that too)

Then I was introduced to the concept of a digital camera (2004), and have never looked back!  (obviously I can’t show you what it looks like, since I can’t take a photo of it…but it’s an OLYMPUS D-580 Zoom)

So where am I today….well I have learned how to work a computer (yes, I even know where the ‘on’ button is), I have learned how to download videos on youtube and photos onto the internet, how to make photo albums on flickr and facebook, how to start a blog, post articles to that blog and even how to upload photos to that blog, I have learned how to edit my photos and how to save them to my computer, and just recently how to save them to an external hard-drive!!! (I think that’s the right terminology). And this Christmas I got my first video-cam from ‘Sam’ta (aka my daughter) and I am slowly figuring out how to use it…I have gotten as far as being able to switch it on and press record!  But not yet how to stop said recording….I just shut the lens and press off!

However, I know how to connect my twitter account to my facebook account, my wordpress blog to my twitter account and my twitter account to youtube!!! 🙂 and I have skype…… BUT>>>>>>>>

today I outdid myself….

today I figured out how to make a video photo album!!!!!  Yes!!! I made a video photo album all by myself! I made a movie!!! 🙂

I am so bloody impressed that I have splattered the thing all over the internet…facebook, twitter, youtube and now wordpress!!!! heeheehee! I am a technological genius!  So, look out techno-world she who is ‘NotJustaGranny’ is in town!!!!

my first video photo album 🙂

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