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Hoorah! Today’s walk was fruitful albeit shorter than usual. Not only did I finally find the blessed Egrets Way path after going off in COMPLETELY the wrong direction 🤪🤪🤪 and wasting 45 minutes of my break in the process (Passing the railway station should have been a clue…🤔🤔),

But I am once again a ‘Trail blazer’ However, whilst it may appear that I’m a trail blazer, I wish I could tell them how useless I am at reading Google maps, especially when the map moves as I turn my phone to see which way to go🤨😠

And my mileage reached 40% on the Ring of Kerry virtual challenge and so another tree will be planted.

As for the toads crossing, I wonder what happened to the fast toads… 🐸🐸🐸

Alls well that ends well…and another day bites the dust. I only have 7.5 days to go and I’m off, back to Ramsgate. Can’t wait to see my Boobee

This adorable, funny, gorgeous little guy who holds my heart in his hands – my Boobee

His nickname came about from 2 sources….he has loved playing peek-a-boo from when he was tiny, so I started calling him Boo, and now he says “boo” which is just so cute I could eat him…. Meanwhile his parents have been teaching him sign language as a tool for better communication with people who have no hearing. He learned the sign for bee 🐝 and it was so cute I kept asking him to sign it….and one day, I got all muddled when playing with him and called him ‘Boobee’. 😂😂☺☺ so now he’s my special special Boobee…..aka The Blur because he’s never still for one second and I can seldom get a photo of him that isn’t blurred….his Mummy, who sent me this photo, has the same problem…our phone cameras are just not fast enough to capture him in one place ☺☺

He’s a charm; funny, smart, cute, humorous, outgoing, friendly, loves Peppa Pig madly and is just adorable. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Some other random photos from today, not as interesting as usual as my 6.84km walk wasn’t either….

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What does wealth mean to you?

Wikipedia: definition of wealth:
Wealth is an abundance of valuable resources or material possessions. The word is derived from the old English wela, which is from an Indo-European word stem. An individual, community, region or country that has an abundance of such possessions or resources is called wealthy.

I recall the threads of a story I read many years ago; and as the memory dims with the years I may not get it 100% accurate.  But the gist of it goes like this:

One dark, stormy wind-swept night a ship was sailing to distant shores.    As it steamed ahead a mighty gale blew up and in no time at all the ship was swept onto the rocky coast nearby.

Hundreds of people from villages nearby ran out into the wet and windy night to help, lanterns lit to guide the way, with boats to rescue, hands to grasp a drowning man.

Dozens of people were dragged up onto the shore that night and none so piteous as an old man who called out in desperation, beseeching all who would listen!  My Treasure, my Treasure! Oh please save my treasure.

Impatient people, dismayed at the selfishness of this old man, slapped his hands away and shook their fists at him, saying: “There are lives to be saved Old-Man; your treasure can wait”.

Minutes passed and soon turned into hours as desperate survivors called out for help and compassionate villagers hurried here and there, wrapping blankets and shawls, handing out food and warm drinks and comforting those who lived and laying out those who could not be saved.

Suddenly above the noise of the people, beyond the sound of the raging storm a cry rang out!   High and keening, it shook those who heard – to their very souls.   The old man leapt painfully to his feet, staggering wildly towards the shore.   Angry men and women tried to grab him, shouting: ‘You fool, you fool, your treasure is not worth your life’.

Then with a last wild dash the old man bent and scooped a little girl up into his arms: weeping and sobbing he held her close, crying: ‘My treasure, my treasure!   Oh, you found my Treasure!

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