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So yes, indeed the Universe had a laugh on me!

For the last few years I have constantly asked the agency for work in London, mostly so that I can be close to home and especially so that I could be in the city and explore…. but it seldom came my way and I have been sent off in different directions to all corners of this little island!

living in london

high tide in Richmond – home 🙂

But now, now that I have closed down the business of 3 Days in London, suddenly I get a job slap bang in the center of Kensington…almost next door to The Natural History Museum to be precise….is the Universe having a laugh or what?

So laugh over, off I went and settled in for the duration….glad for the opportunity to have a fling in London. The flat where I was working was literally a 5 minute walk from the NHM and the marvellous V&A Museum….and that is where I spent a lot of my break times, if I wasn’t sleeping. It was also a treat to see the magical roof of the NHM from the kitchen window each morning. I was staying in one of those amazing looking apartments in Queensway Gardens on the 4th floor and view was terrific albeit limited.

living in london

the roof of the Natural History Museum

The V&A is so enormous that it’s impossible to see everything in one or even two visits so there are a lot of the galleries I have not yet explored. It was great!!! I discovered some wonderful galleries of 15th-19th century England where I saw David Garrick’s bed, a model of the Queen’s State Coach and a model of the 1861 Crystal Palace exhibition hall as well as a number of terrific Victorian items and treasures. I entered the museum via the Exhibition Road entrance and then turned immediately right and up the stairs….three floors of galleries filled to the brim with fabulous items.

I also had the chance to meet up with my wonderful friend Valy from Belgium who was on a quick 2 day visit over the Bank Holiday weekend and we managed to catch up for coffee at a little café in Gloucester Road.

I discovered that London is quite noisy at night with a constant flow of traffic, albeit not anywhere near as noisy as Richmond where my bedroom is but 30 feet away from the dual carriage way that is never quiet and rumbles with traffic all day and most of the night….with an occasional lull at about 3am.

I had been scheduled to be there for 2.5 weeks but suddenly and without any warning after just one week the lady up and died. She was 98 so I suppose it shouldn’t have come as any surprise, but she seemed well enough and was quite alert and all in the morning…but within 45 minutes of the London ambulance services being called she took her last breath and gracefully slipped away.

As for the London Emergency Services, I was most impressed.   I had barely put the phone down and there was a ring at the front door…..and there they were.    A lovely trio who were so sweet and caring with my patient and just lovely after she passed away.     This is not the first time I have lost a patient while working as most of the people I care for are either very, very old or at end of life, so although it came as a shock that it was so unexpected it wasn’t a surprise.

I spent the next two days at the flat tidying up and sorting stuff out for her daughter who was flying in from South Africa and then after handing over to her I was on my way home again…..I never complain about being on my way home.

I so enjoyed seeing my daughter again, albeit just for a few hours as I got more work almost immediately and Thursday saw me on the train and on my way to East Sussex for 1 week. Down on the farm……….

travelling through the uk

on my way to the farm in East Sussex

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