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 The last few weeks in the run up the elections and subsequent to the conclusion, has been a most interesting time, even though twitter would not allow me to say so!!

I have so enjoyed watching the political machine in operation and this time around it was quite different to the last, with much more emphasis on ‘honesty’, ‘change’ and blah blah blah…real American style political spin, and hugely entertaining.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Party Leaders’ televised debates and found the body language of the participants to be quite revealing; esp the photo on the inside page of a daily paper showing Mr Brown and Mr Clegg mirroring each others lecturn pose, whilst at the other lecturn Mr Cameron stood aloof, looking upwards and away from his opponents. I thought for sure this indicated a possible pairing if indeed we had a ‘hung’ parliament, which as it turns out we don’t, but do!

I was unable to vote this time around and fortunately too, as I would most likley have voted Liberal-Democrat since Mr Clegg came across as a safe-harbour in a storm of accusation and counter-accusation between the two major parties……as it turns out, I am glad now that I was not able to vote!

As you well know, we now have a coalition government, with the Cons and the Libs cosying up side-by-side, new bedfellows, with the Labs left out in the cold.

Mr Brown proved to be a reluctant loser, dug in his heels and tried to woo the losers into bed with himself and his party! Looking at it from the outside, I could have told him to forget it….the fresh young lads appealed far more to our ‘celebrity’ society that prefers prettiness to age. And so it was inevitable that we would say ‘Goodbye Mr Brown’.

Watching Mr Brown’s diginified, albeit by some accounts calculated resignation, I was for the first – mmm, no make that the 2nd time quite taken with himself; having not been a fan before.  The other time being the interview  Jeremy Paxman just before the voting.  His obvious emotion at giving up what had been the cherry on the top of a long political career after such a short time must have been a devastatingly personal blow. Much like studying for years to be a Doctor and failing your exams, or a marathon runner after years of practise and hard-effort losing the gold for bronze. Especially harsh in the knowledge too that millions of people in the country were eager to throw him out!

What particularly struck me while watching his address outside Number 10 Downing Street was the sorrow and stress evident on the face of his lovely wife; Sarah. I have long admired this particular lady, followed her on twitter and watched as she took what in my mind was centre stage, eclipsing her husband in style and grace, much as Michelle Obama did her husband.

My thoughts were…”why did we not vote for her to become Prime Minister?” Absurd perhaps, I am sure some readers would say, but how strong and fortitious must she be to have stood by her man through such an evidently difficult time and yet always managed to look graceful, charming and delightful with that wonderful smile that hides sorrowful memories and the knowledge that so many of her fellow countrymen despised her husband.

I for one am sad at the loss not of our ‘most powerful’ leader, but rather that no longer will we be charmed by the lovely Sarah on a regular basis. I do hope though that she continues to tweet, perhaps no longer as @sarahbrown10 but rather as @sarahbrown

So whilst the world looked on as Mr Brown tendered his resignation and stepped down to attend to his 1st most important job of Husband and Father, let us cheer for the lovely Mother and Wife as we say ‘Goodbye to Mrs Brown’, and let us be reminded that behind every successful man, stands an incredible woman.

I for one wish her well and hope that she stays in touch (so to speak).

photos courtesy of zimbio.com & topnews.in

p.s. I just noticed on the news section of yahoo whilst looking for photos, that Sarah will indeed continue to tweet, now as @Sarah BrownUK……..hooray! 🙂

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I was reading an old newspaper (as you do!) yesterday and saw this article about the taxman and our esteemed Chancellor!  Mmm, interesting!!! It also reminded me of how much I battled to file my blessed return on the internet. One would think it would be straightforward…but no, it ain’t.  Have a query….phone this number!!! Right on>  I tried for 4.5 hours at a cost of over £4 and still, all I got was a voice message to say “our advisors are very busy right now, please phone back at another time!!!   Enough said or else I will go purple 🙂

Anyways here is the article…abbreviated.  It was a newspaper article and very long:

“10.12.09 Yesterday, Mr Darling (such a misnomer), put out his plans for our future.  He raised future taxes for anyone earning more than £20,000 to fund schools and hospitals and postponed tough decisions on spending cuts.

The budget deficit runs at more than £170billion with public debt set to double to £1.5 trillion.   Promising to have the budget in an – ‘orderly way’ within 4 years he ducked decisions on where to make most of the cuts.

Frankly when reading the large amounts of money they toss about like so much straw in the wind, it makes me feel quite ill.  And what exactly does he mean by ‘orderly way’?   Why is the budget not in an orderly way now?

Although Mr Darling outlined £5billion of cuts by reducing IT projects, reforming legal aid, privatising prison management (is this a good idea?) and cutting the cost of residential care, he is not specific about the amounts in question for those and leaves big questions about where the rest of the money will come from unanswered.   Perhaps the Politicians ‘claims’ would be a good start.

Of course it comes as no surprise that the budget was a bit of a patsy, considering that May2010 marks an election, with the Conservatives accusing Labour of losing it’s ‘moral authority to govern’ by putting electioneering ahead of fixing the economy.  On the news last night they even mentioned the dreaded ‘T’ word…..some people even went so far as to say that the present government will reduce Britain to a Third World Country!!!

With what the Times calls a ‘bingo budget’, the Conservatives seized upon the point that Labour considered anyone earning over £20,000 as well off, due to the .5% rise in National Insurance from 2011, this on top of the .5% already announced.   Apparently the middle classes (odd that we still have a class system in this country!) have the most reason to squeal as the NI increases will be almost the equivalent of a penny on income tax in 2011.  A penny!!!! Goodness gracious!

In addition to this, more people will be brought into the 40p rate of tax as a result of the one-year freeze in the threshold of 2012.   The Treasury admitted that the 2-year cap on public sector pay rises at 1% was effectively a cut due to inflation rising above 1%.   It would appear the ‘Public Sector’ workers, many of whom are low-paid would have to pay the price for a crash they did nothing to cause, and yet the Bankers are set to receive massive bonuses despite the fact that we the public had to bail them out with our hard earned taxes.   Why is that?

According to ‘The Treasury’ 95% of the NHS budget would remain constant; meaning a £3.7billion rise on 2012-2013.   This would be a good place for them to start if they want to save money.   Have a look at the atrocious waste of medications and equipment that drains through the plughole that is the NHS.   I have personally seen massive amounts of wastage in my career as a Carer.   Many of the homes I visit have 2, sometimes 3 zimmer frames floating around.   When you enquire about this they, the client say that Oh, Yes that was given to me by the NHS, but I dont use it anymore.   So return it for goodness sake.   When you raise the question with the District Nurse or the Occupational Therapists, that are all NHS provided the answer usually comes back as: ‘that is not our department’.   So who is responsible for recovering all this redundant equipment that ends up in the skip in the long term.

And medication!   I have never seen such a massive wastage of anything as there is with medication.   The system dictates that once prescribed, and even if incorrectly prescribed, once the medications have been boxed and handed over the counter, if returned, untouched and unused they are binned.   These medications cost thousands most assuredly it would be incumbent on the medical staff and Doctors to ensure they prescribe the correct meds and dosages in the first place.

Then there is the ‘free’ side of the NHS.   It is not free!   We pay for it out of our taxes.   I am absolutely certain that if they introduced a fair and equitable system of payment for the medical services in this country, not only would that save a massive amount of money, but people would be less careless about how they use it, and with the money saved they would be able to not only pay the Nurses etc a decent salary, but they would be able to train and employ more to take the strain off the very understaffed hospitals.

Millions of pounds are spent on Consultants doing checks on hospitals to see if they achieve the correct guidelines for cleanliness and health, and yet the money and staff needed in order to achieve those targets is not available, before the fact.

Going back to the pre-budget budget, Mr Darling was forced to admit that the recession had been worse than he predicted last year.   The economy would shrink by 4.75% in 2009 compared with his Budget estimate in April of 3.5%.   Apparently public finances were also deeper in the red with a deficit of £178million this year – £3billion more than he had predicted.   So what does he base his predictions on and as the …… most assuredly he should be better able to ‘budget’ and ensure he has the correct figures on the table.  Perhaps he should have the pay-cut that he is fond of handing out to those who do a good job and can ill afford one.


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