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ben & jerry's ice-cream leicester square free cone day april 12

my chocloate extravaganza at Ben & Jerry's free cone day

How many ice-cream cones could you eat in one hour? Today I got the opportunity to test this out…..and my score = 4!!! Yup! That’s right, 4 ice-cream cones at Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day.
“The Ben & Jerry’s tradition of saying thank you to loyal customers with free ice-cream is as old as Ben & Jerry’s itself. Back in 1979, after 1 year in business, they decided to give away free ice-cream to the loyal customers that made it all possible, and have been doing it ever since.”
Never in my life have I heard of anything more sensible than giving away free ice-cream. My good friend Andrew brought this event to my attention on Sunday, thinking that I could tweet about it for 3DaysInLondon, which I duly did. I was disappointed that this give-away was to be on Tuesday, which is not a day I am normally free (excuse the pun). 🙂

Andrew & Vanessa eating Ben & Jerry's ice-cream

However, the Universe works in strange ways and due to an administrative error by someone else I was able to swop my Monday afternoon off to Tuesday!!! Hooray!! So with no further ado, I set off to kill two birds with one stone. I had been wanting to traipse around London again to take photos of the 2012 Olympic Clock and the April 29th Royal Wedding preparations for my 3days blog, and today proved to be the perfect time for it.
We woke to a fabulous day, bright sunshine, puffy white clouds and with a hint of chilly breeze….just perfect for my escapade.

a fabulous spring day in London 🙂

I set off at 2.45pm and headed straight for Charing Cross. First stop to take another photo of the 2012 Olympic Clock in Trafalgar Square

2012 olympic clock trafalgar square

the 2012 Olympic Clock in Trafalgar square

and then at a fast pace I headed off across the city to Westminster Abbey….the venue for the Royal Wedding of the decade.
Along the way I stopped off at Westminster Gardens to take a few photos and ended up on my back like a beetle with my legs and arms akimbo. Lesson 1 when taking photos: look behind you when walking backwards in case there is an obstacle that you could fall over!!! hahaha. Fortunately this is something I do fairly frequently so it is no longer an embarressment!

royal wedding of william and kate westminster abbey

the north side of Westminster Abbey, the wedding venue for Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton

At the Abbey I made the most of the crowd-free grounds and took some more intimate photos of the decorative carvings, gargoyles and sculptures that adorn this magnificent building. Across the road the organisers of the wedding are busy setting up stands for the press corps…..damn, I wish I was a Press person!

royal wedding william and kate

setting up the stands for the Press Photographers

 Then at a quick pace I made my way to Buckingham Palace via St James’s Park which is looking just fabulous with the spring flowers now in full bloom in the gardens laid out by John Nash. The Swire Fountain was in working order and the waters splashed with joyful abandon. London in spring is exhuberant with all colours of the rainbow and more, light breezes, summery sunshine, April showers, and hundreds of people very sensibly making the most of it.

st james park swire fountain royal wedding

the Swire Fountain in St James's Park

Besides that, London was strangely empty of traffic this afternoon, not sure why, but it was great being able to just cross over the roads at will. It got a bit busier as the afternoon wore on. At Buckingham Palace the signs of a Royal event were evident: the flags are being raised along the Mall, Green park has a huge area closed off, the Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain is closed off, and parts of the Memorial Gardens are also closed off.

royal wedding preparations

Memorial Gardens in front of Buckingham Palace - closed off in preparation for the Royal Wedding

 Then at a fast march I charged along The Mall and on to Leicester Square where I met up with Andrew and Vanessa and joined the queue at Ben & Jerry’s.

the queue at Ben & Jerry's free cone day in Leicester Square

My first choice: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, a burst of flavour that set my taste-buds a tingle; hard to describe the sensation as the overload of chocolate exploded in my mouth. We strolled around the perimeter of Leicester Square chatting and slurping the fast melting ice-cream and re-joined the queue on the other side of the square where I had the Cherry Garcia: cherry ice-cream with cherries and dark chocolatey chunks, (heaven on a cone). Once again we set off round the perimeter till the cones were depleted and re-joined the queue. This cone I chose: Phish Food; a delectable mix of chocolate ice-cream with marshmallow, caramel & chocolatey shaped fish. I never found any fish but the ice-cream was delicious. We set off once again, and by the time we arrived back we were ready for what would be the last for the day (this dear reader, is only coz I had run out of time). My next choice was the Strawberry Cheesecake: a tantalising mix of strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with strawberries and cookie swirls. Delectable. And that was me; replete. I was totally ice-creamed out, and now I will need size 18 trousers!!! 🙂 heehee.

By now it was time to head on down into the underground to face the crush of the homeward-bound commuters. As it turned out, it wasn’t that busy and I manged to secure a seat till my destination and thence to home.
What a great afternoon; right up my alley: a walk round London, sunshine and ice-cream. What more could a girl want?
Footnote: alongside the free ice-cream give-away B&J’s have partnered with a few charities and there were people with buckets collecting for Great Ormond Street Hospital and NSPCC (those are the two that I donated to). I surely hope that people were generous and contributed to these worthy charities.
p.s.I am now a dedicated fan of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream.
p.s.s. B&J’s are committed to being 100% FAIRTRADE by end 2011. Excellent.

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