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If I say I’m really tired, that would be an understatement 😜😜

So tonight I shall keep it short.

I’ve spent way too much time reading articles on Facebook and trying to keep up with developments and news, but my brain hurts. It’s all just going round and round, and at every turn the bloody government hack things up. PPE from Turkey- fail. Tracing app – fail. Care homes – fail. And the number of deaths keep going up.

I feel quite sad that we’re unable to celebrate VE Day tomorrow, but I dug around my client’s cupboards and found a flag that I shall hang out the window tomorrow. I saw a few out on other houses

So the current full moon is known as a flower moon and is the last supermoon for 2020. I took a walk up to the mound this evening in the hope of seeing the moon as I did last night but it was nowhere to be seen 😔😔🌕 Instead I got to see a spectacular sunset…bonus.

Late update 😀😀 I was already in bed and noticed how bright it was outside, so gown and slippers on and quietly down the stairs and outdoors to see the moon!! 👏👏🌚🌚 obviously not brilliant photos, but I’m happy I saw it

Apparently my grandson has started counting, but he’s decided that 1-7 are worthy of no more than a giggle, and goes straight 8, 9, 10 🥰🥰🥰👏👏

We had our weekly clap for carers again tonight and it was lovely to see everyone out. I was going to use my client’s bell, its huge and makes a noise, but I chickened out 🤣🤣🤣🐓🐓🐓

I did however go pit for a walk this afternoon but spent so much time on the phone with the agency trying to sort out my next job that I ran out of time to go far. I did see the lovely rainbow in the header photo though…🌈🌈🌈

Take care all…..catch you tomorrow

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