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Hi all, long time no write 😉  I had planned on blogging regularly last year when I turned 60,

me and CJ on helicopter

Me and CĂ©manthe on the helicopter ride for my 60th

but as you probably noticed…I haven’t. For the last 5 years I have been focussed on my business 3 Days in London and devoted all my spare time to that, so much else has fallen by the wayside.river thames

Life has been a bit topsy turvy of late and I feel like I’m at a bit of a cross-roads but not sure what direction to head in. Is it old-age? When I was younger I found it quite easy to just make a snap decision, even till more recently. But since reaching the grand ‘old-age’ of 60, I find my decision making is more studied and less impulsive….although I still do make snap decisions, these are usually based on things I had been thinking about anyway.

I’ve been all at sea about my life recently, and if you read my last post you’ll see that my dad passed away nearly 2 months ago at the age of 85….and whilst that seems really old, the fact is that I am just on 24 years away from that and suddenly 85 doesn’t seem that old. It feels awfully close, and that has set the fox amongst my chickens…there are still things I want to do, like owning a camper van/motor home, travelling around the UK, seeing my still to be born grandchildren, building my business, where to live, finding a job that really interests me – something connected to London and the River Thames would be ideal and building my investments etc etc.IMG_20150104_120439








I’ve been working as a Carer for the last 15 years with just two gaps when I worked in an office (two different businesses). But after 15 years of caring for elderly people, much as it has mostly been very rewarding, I find that by spending the majority of my life with people who are mostly infirm and quite frankly very close to death, it has changed my perception of life and is making me feel old before my time.

I’m not sure how to define that exactly but I can definitely tell that my life has ‘slowed’ a lot and I find this very uncomfortable.

I got home on Tuesday after 3 weeks away caring for two elderly ladies, one 84 and the other 94…I find that I am a lot more tired these days when I get home and it takes me a day or two to get my mojo back and drum up any energy. In the past, the first thing I would have done is to head into London to attend events, visit exhibitions and generally do as much as possible…however, these days I just can’t summon enough energy to do that.


my best nine on instagram for 2015; a mix of London and other

As a result of feeling so tired, on Wednesday morning I was sitting in a corner of the couch feeling a bit sorry for myself. Lacking the energy to even go for a walk, I started watching a programme “The Rise of the Super Vloggers” that I had seen advertised on tv. I, like many others of the older generation, poo pooed the idea of ‘inane’ videos that appear to serve no purpose, so initially gave the programme a miss. But on Wednesday, something made me click on and watch….and I was intrigued.

I mentioned it to my daughter when she got home later that day, so she watched it with me….and so the idea was born to start vlogging.  This is not by any means a new idea, she has been nagging me for 3 or 4 years now to start vlogging, but since I don’t like to see myself in either photos or videos and don’t like the sound of my recorded voice, I resisted!

Till now…..so yes, at the ripe old age of 60+9.5 months, I have started vlogging. The first is of course total rubbish LOL but we all have to start somewhere!

This is it……

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think…be nice okay!!! 🙂



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