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If ever you want to have a good laugh and fun times, visit the W.I.   Do not think for one second that coz the ladies have reach the silver surfer level that they are any less naughty or rambunctious than a class of 5 years-olds.

Last night at the WI was Secret Santa night and the room was atwitter with excitement.  The tables were decked out with red cloths, shiny tinsel xmas trees, gold crackers and xmas cards for each person. As you walked through the door a table laden with bottles of sherry and glasses awaited, at the back a trestle table groaned under the weight of platters of quiche, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, crisps and treats, and in the corner, tempting but aloof a massive christmas cake…..mmmmmm!

The room buzzed with chatter and laughter.  On the right, a raffle table with 6 delightful prizes tempted punters to buy strips of tickets.  On the left a table laden with home-wares for sale, knitted hats and scarves, peg bags, table cloths, home-made marmalade, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, books and knick-naks.  Tempting.

In time the President called the room to order and like a class of kids, some settled and listened and other carried on as if she was invisible.  Talking above the chatter she bravely raised her voice till the goodie two-shoes’ in the room hisssed for quiet!! 🙂  The meeting had begun.  I have been to a few WI meetings, the first in a wee village in Pakenham in Suffolk some years ago.  Thank you’s, and future dates, messages and announcements and the schedule for evening.

Sherry made the rounds and soon the room descended into disorder once again.  Crackers were cracked, food was devoured while tea mixed with sherry to warm the cockles!  Games to play; first up a quiz – which we won 🙂 heehee, then chairs in a circle for pass the parcel – hysteria reigned supreme.  Thankfully we stopped short of musical chairs….that would have been wild!

Next up….. Secret Santa.  The excitement mounted as the numbers were called and like little kids, the ladies dithered as they tried to choose the most intriguing parcel…..what would they find inside?  Wrapping paper flew asunder as gasps and laughter filled the air.  The tension mounted as perhaps your number didnt come up and the pile started to shrink!   Then with a whoop and a cheer…….hooray!  I’m next!

So even though we didn’t get to sing  ‘Jerusalem’ or pose for a calendar, we did have lots of fun, a good laugh, made plans for future outings, enjoyed companionship, interesting speakers, and a jolly good old knees up Mother Brown…. time to join the W.I.

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