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not just a granny……

thank goodness I am a woman!!!! I can change my mind ūüôā

Ok, so yesterday I said I wouldn’t be blogging again till after the Royal Wedding…..but hey!!! guess what?¬† heehee, here I am again!

And the reason for this is coz two very exciting things happened today that I simply have to share:

1) My first London Itinerary went live!!! whoo hoo! Thanks to the herculean efforts of my wonderful daughter, who is a genius, the 6 Hours in London Itinerary was uploaded and went live this morning.  A special edition for the wedding.

2) I received my ‘Prince William and Catherine Wedding Coin’ – Royal Wedding¬†Crown¬†in the mail this morning!! ¬†A commemorative coin to mark the occassion of their 29 April 2011 wedding!!!

Royal Mint edition of the Royal Wedding coin

The itineraries have taken a year to get up and online.¬† Firstly coz I was paralysed by fear; fear of it not being perfect, fear of it not being good enough and the fear that no-one would like it or find it useful!!!¬† But, thankfully my daughter gave me a good metaphorical¬†kick in the ‘you know what’ and hurry scurry I edited the itinerary that had been waiting for the last¬†12 months to get completed and downloaded!¬† Nothing like the excitement of a¬† British occassion to get me going. ūüôā

and the¬†thrill of receiving my coin¬†was the cherry on top!!! I applied for one a few weeks ago never expecting to actually get it, since they are only printing 50,000 and I though for sure that they would already be sold out.¬† Also you had to apply with no guarantee of getting one, so when I open the bulky envelope this morning and realised what it was…..I nearly went ballistic.

So that’s my tale for today………..see you maybe before the wedding, maybe not!!! depends on what other exciting things happen in my life.¬† In the meantime – ¬†Bye for now.

Bearing in mind that I had said when the wedding was announced that I was NOT going to buy any paraphenalia or memorabilia, I now have the coin and the hat!!! what’s next I wonder?¬† ¬† Thankfully the wedding is only¬†3 days away now and there is not much time left for me to go mad and break the bank!!!

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