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…or in this instance a squirrel 🙂  We have a number of squirrels that visit our verandah every morning for breakfast.  It’s amazing coz when I put the food out, there is nary a squirrel in sight, but within seconds of me closing the door they descend in their droves

breakfast is served........

….ok only 4 in this instance!!! 🙂 …..but still you know what I mean!

Over the last week or so I have noticed one little cutie in particular. And what drew my notice was that this little creature only has half a tail!!! I kid you not! It looks really peculiar.

little squirrel half-tail

What I also noticed about this wee little creature is that it’s quite brave, albeit a bit bolshie.  It seldom runs far when I do my ‘squirrel scaring tactics’ aka clapping my hands to make them run! 🙂 It just scoots off a few feet and then waits for me to go away!  Like two days ago the weather was gorgeous, so after I put their food out I left the door open, and carried on with preparing my breakfast, next thing I look around and squirrel half-tail is in the kitchen….right behind me!!! hahahaha. cheeky little bugger.

Anways, it dashed out the door at my exclamation and then sat on the verandah looking at me as if to say….Ok then, what’s up?

a squirrel named Sue

So how did this wee creature get its name…..well here’s the thing….I have no idea if it is a boy or a girl, and I guess unless it turned up preggers or with a tinier replica in tow…I am unlikely to.  But a squirrel this cute has to have a name.


So I got to thinking about names that could suit both a boy and a girl…there are quite a few.  And as I was thinking about it I suddenly remembered a song from aeons ago ‘A boy named Sue’  (as sung by Johnny Cash)…..and so now we have a wee squirrel who visits every day and is as cute as pie………..named Sue!

This also happens to be my sister’s name, and since she is quite bolshie too…. I am well satisfied!

btw, the food is meant for the birds….but since the squirrels get there first…….., not to worry though, we have plenty of birdfeeders hanging up that I have now managed to position that the squirrels cannot get to them!! hooray!

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