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Walking in a winter wonderland – 18.12.09 Snow in Hove  🙂

How absolutely marvellous life is! I woke up this morning to a wonderful world of white, white glorious snow.

early morning snow; Hove 18.12.09

a winter wonderland

Although it had started snowing last night before I went to bed, I did not expect to wake up this morning to such an amazing spectacle.   The snow is at least 6 inches deep in places and since it has not snowed in Hove for many, many years, this is a treat beyond words.

I was feeling somewhat envious of the snow my daughter was enjoying in London, and to experience it here too, is just marvellous.

Looking out my window just after 7am, although it was still gloomily dark, the houses across the way were faintly visible, their roofs and balconies dressed in sparkling white.   The cars lining the street, hunched and slumbering beneath their shrouds waited patiently for impatient owners to free them.

cars shrouded with snow

Dressing as quickly as I could, what with having to pull on 5 layers of items, I hurried down to greet the morning!   The snow lay thick and crunchy underfoot as I ran and jumped up and down pristine driveways and through the piles on the sidewalk; as yet unsullied (till now) 🙂

footprints in pristine snow 🙂

A jolly snowman, arms uplifted with joy, smiled widely as I walked on by.

happy snowman

The naked trees dressed in this winter finery, glittered and glowed, their branches spread wide to the world, piled high with this fine powdery dusting.

swathes of snow cover lawns yesterday green

trees dressed in winter finery

Lawns, just yesterday green, now an expanse of diamond sparkles.   The houses look magnificent, covered in this lovely snow, lights behind curtains adding a cosy atmosphere.

picture postcard perfect

Overhead the sky glowers dark and grey, everywhere the call of the seagulls, confused and bewildered, the genetic coding of this generation not set for snow.   Under bushes and trees, branches low and laden are tiny footprints of early risers.  Unsure today if they’ll get that worm!

snow laden branches

A lonely park-bench waits, no one there now to pass the time of day!

red postbox crowned with snow

A bright red post-box crowned with snow, a little red scooter nearby vies for attention,

a little red scooter

and no one notices the forgotten clothes left out, unwanted three days ago.   As the hour passes by, the sky starts lightening now, a dusty pink tinges the clouds as the sun beats down forcing a break in the heavy mass.

People trudge by on their awkward way, slipping and sliding through icy patches, hoping possibly in vain for transport to their destinations.

trudging to work

Some grumpy, some happy, some smiling, some gay, some building snowmen observed via video link by family far, far away.

fun in the snow - building a snowman

Stop to chat awhile, enjoy the magic it’ll be gone soon and life goes back to grey.

The roads already turned slushy, dark brown and muddy, the dirt and grit from over the months all churned up and hindering progress. 

snow churned up along the road

Unexpectedly warm out, the snow is crunchy underfoot, slippery patches hidden below, catching you unawares.   Now the sun comes out and the sound of melting is heard all about, drip, drip, drip as it slowly gives in to the warming rays.

the sun shines through

Today it snowed! Hooray. 

Me! 🙂 18.12.09 snow in Hove

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“Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes”  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

YAHOO, YIPPEEEEE, WHOO HOO, HOORAY AND ABSOLUTELY BLUDY FABULOUS!!!! I woke up this morning to a wonderful, magical, beautiful world of white!!!! Yes!!!! yes!!! yes!!! it SNOWED!!!! last night
ah ha you might say “It has snowed before, so what’s with the excitement then?” Well it hasn’t snowed in HOVE for donkey’s years and I certainly was not expecting it to snow now. London yes, I already knew, since my delightful daughter phoned via vieo link last night to show me her antics in the park

IT IS INCHES thick on the ground. It looks wonderful.  I cant wait to get out in it. thankfully I have to go shopping today so I have an excuse to get out!!! Hooray.  and it is still coming down.  I bet the seagulls are totally confused. Their genetic model of the world does not include snow. poor
So hey! guess what it’s SNOWING!!!!! i do believe that no matter how long in the tooth i get, or how many years i clock up i will NEVER EVER NEVER get tired of seeing the snow and not get excited when it does. it is MAGICAL!!!! x 1million.
so to the three ladies who headed south….come back!!!! your’e missing it all

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